Yuko Asagiri


Reiko's Mother
Plain Cell Phone

Yuko Asagiri was Reiko's mother. She appears late in the game when Makoto Shirae transports to the place in the Mnemonic Abyss that Yuko had been staying at before she died. Yuko then attacks Makoto when he attempts to transport to the hospital (Getting a hold of Rin Kagura instead.).


Yuko appears as a middle-aged woman, obviously wracked with sorrow.

Personality & HistoryEdit

Apparently, Yuko did not have enough money to afford the rent for the apartment, nor Reiko's hospital bills. Afraid of being in debt, she got a second job. After she could still not afford the bills, Yuko ran away from her duties and lived a life on foot, not even visiting Reiko. Reiko, angry at her mother for not visiting her, broke the cell phone. Yuko kept the cell phone, however. At one point, Yuko contemplated suicide in the mountains, but she confessed not having enough courage to do so.

Yuko reiko
She knew about Reiko's suicide throughout the news on television, but even so, Yuko didn't go to the hospital to retire her body since she didn't have money to pay a funeral, nor she couldn't show her face there after it. Yuko then was haunted by her daughter's voice on her cell phone, even after being turned off.

Miscellaneious InformationEdit

Yuko Asagiri is a very powerful ghost. She attacks by attempting to 'blind' the player from behind, then attacking in a forceful and violent matter. Once shaken off, she falls to the floor on her knees, crying. Her sobs can be heard during her encounters.

  • From her diary, it can be gathered that Reiko's ghost had directly pulled Yuko into the Mnemonic Abyss, calling her on the phone that had been turned off.
  • It is highly likely that Yuko was one of the first, if not THE first of Reiko's victims, although not due to The Black Page like most of the others.
  • Her crying is heard over the phone, even before encountering her.