Location YukosApartment

Bachelorette status confirmed...

A very far away location that Makoto transports to, near the end of The Curse chapter.


Yuko Asagiri, running away from debt, and her own inability to handle two jobs, lived a life on the run going by assumed names, and attempting to get by in secret. Although she regretted her actions, she was too scared to face the consequences, much less her own daugher.

Although she contemplated suicide, she also did not have the courage to commit to THAT either.

When she found out about Reiko killing herself, Yuko fell into dispair; despite this, and the authorities trying to find her, she still did not have the courage to turn herself in...

Then the phone she had turned completely off months ago, rang...

When the police did track her down, she was already dead.


Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • From the moment players pick up the phone in the kitchen, to when the ghost finally attacks, sobbing is heard over the Wiimote.
  • One of the trash bags rattles briefly when Makoto first walks by it, but there is no evidence it was actually a ghost.
  • Considering that Sadao's USB flash drive (In the shape of a toy robot.) was found here, this may be the last place Sadao himself got to, before he fully died.