Yoshi Kuromiya


The Hospital Director
Simple Cell Phone
...You don't know how important this hospital is to me...You have no idea...

The director of the Kuromiya hospital, which shares his name, and one of the more violent ghosts encountered.


An old man in a doctors coat, and tie. His hair is slicked back a bit, and he has a very angry expression on his face in every encounter.

Personality & HistoryEdit

As the hospital director of a place where one patient committed suicide, and almost half-a-dozen people after that have died of mysterious circumstances, it is understandable that he would be more than a little angry in the afterlife.

His monologue near the beginning of The Connection gives the best insight to just how he felt, both before and after his death.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Mr. Kuromiya does not appear to be one of the five listed people who had died after Reiko's suicide (In fact one of the notes states that the director was handling the transfer of other staff to other hospitals.), but the possibility remains that he might have tried to conduct his own investigation in the matter, and ended up encountering The Black Page himself, as both himself and his cell phone are in the hospital.
  • His usual attacks involve him jumping OUT of his desk drawer, like a ghostly Jack-in-the-box or something, when someone tries to get his phone. He also attacks once in the 1st floor hallway in The Bond, jumping out of a wall.