The Disappearing Girl

Ragazza scomparda

Girl on the Stairway

The Disappearing Girl is a ghost that can be seen in the school 2nd floor. The player sees her for a short second, and then she slowly disappears while passing by. No one knows why she is there or how she got there, except that she might have been a student attending the High School. The Disappearing Girl has long black hair that reaches down to her mid-section that is held back by a ponytail. She has a short skirt that is reported either black or dark blue. She has a white shirt, and is said to be barefoot. The Disappearing Girl is only seen once in the game. Her encounter is highly unlikely and you would be lucky to even catch a glimpse of her. If you DO encounter her, you can only do so once. She will never be seen again(unless you are lucky enough to see her on another file).


  • She may or may not have been the original appearance of the Girl in Red.
  • She can only be encountered in the High School on the 2nd floor the second time through.
  • You have to be extremely lucky to encounter her.
  • Some people say the only way to encounter her is to do certain things in the game to encounter her appearance. Mostly it seems to be a random occurance though.
  • Her appearance resembles the ghost girl in one of the original Calling demo videos, but the outfit is very different.