Stepping Feet

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Ghost Feet
You should've fallen...

A pair of disembodied feet walking around the Kuromiya Hospital, they are first encountered by Rin Kagura appearing as a pair of ghostly feet walking behind some closed curtains in a room, but...


A pair of disembodied feet.

Personality & HistoryEdit

Although at first it is implied that they may be part of a whole body, Makoto has a later encounter in the hospital on the 3rd floor, where the feet are standing in front of one of the hospital room doors... ONLY the feet. They walk in, and if Makoto opens up the door, it is just the Abyss on the other side. The feet could be coming from Reiko Asagari herself trying to trick the player and jump into this Abyss to make Makoto join her.

After closing the door, a mildly annoyed voice can be heard over the Wiimote...

"You should've fallen..."

Dodged that one! Whew!

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Occasionally when inside of the rooms of the hospital, footsteps can be heard coming from the hallway. Because this is roughly the same sound that the stepping feet make inside of the hospital room behind the curtain, they are probably the same ghost.