Locations HighSchool

School's out... for... ever...

The largest location within the Mnemonic Abyss, and one of the more played areas.


A few years prior to the game, three high-school delinquents sneaked into the school's computer lab after hours, logged onto The Black Page, and died.

The story was reported in the local news, although the cause of death was officially listed as "unknown".


Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • This location has the largest overall area in the game. It can be argued however that the hospital has more "importance" to the story, and more to find overall.
  • On the top floor, when entering into the class, a shadow-boy is briefly seen by one of the desks. The desk has a secret password on it that can be entered in with the hidden keys found throughout the game.
  • Whilst running through hallways of Shosei High School, footsteps suddenly began to sound on the third or second floors. The sounds will suddenly be heard if you venture too long in the hallways, either running nor walking. The footsteps will begin as "splat, splat, splat...", and if Rin or Makoto hear this and make a confused grunt/gasp, use your quick-turn to look behind you: nothing there. Quick-turn back to look in front of you, and immediately a round, black shadow flies right pass underneath your standing-spot on the floor. This ghost is unknown.