Sadao Amano


Makoto's colleague, %!(&#=~
Broken Cell Phone
...Makoto...You finally got here...

The person whom Makoto was following from the very beginning, the one who has left the most information regarding the ghosts encountered (Well, besides Kyoko's diary entries about Reiko Asagiri).



I knew you'd get here eventually...

Although hard to tell if it was because of his being in the Mnemonic Abyss for so long, Sadao is a very disheveled-looking man, with messy brown hair, and a perpetually stunned look in his eyes (At least until Makoto meets up with him in The Curse, but...).

While alive he most likely looked a little neater, but if the condition of his "home" is any indication, stress of being trapped in the realm of the dead took its toll on his personal hygiene & grooming.

Personality & HistoryEdit

An obsessive & dedicated journalist while alive, he spent much of his time trying to get to the bottom of everything having to do with what he was researching: his notebooks, all complied with his investigation information while alive, detailing each of the situations, and piecing together the details of The Black Page and its curse.

For most of the story Sadao's ghost is quiet, moving silently from location to location: his only communications up until The Curse involve single typed-out lines, and picture-messages left as clues for Makoto to follow. He also leads Rin Kagura to Makoto early on (And also scares a cowardly boy out of his mind by accident.), and reveals much about the various ghosts inhabiting the locations of the Mnemonic Abyss.

By following both the notes made before, and Sadao's memos made AFTER coming to the Mnemonic Abyss, Makoto traces Sadaos steps all the way to Yuko Asagiri, and through her, the true connection with Reiko Asagiri as well.

Makoto however ends up getting in trouble, after finding that Rin was already in the Kuromiya Hospital, and getting attacked by the ghost of Reiko's sobbing mother. When the battle is over, the phone self dials to an unknown number, instantly transporting Makoto to a very messy studio apartment, which he realizes belongs to Sadao.

After checking Sadao's final journalistic entry, the ghost reveals himself to Makoto, as well as his TRUE motives which instead of trying to stop the Black Page, he wanted Makoto to Join him in the abyss.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • The girl with Sadao in the photo is apparently Sadao's young daughter, who he has not seen in over a year.
  • The pink outfit and short hair make some fans think the little girl is Reiko, but the girl is apparently still alive in the living world.

No, it is not Reiko, stop asking.