Location SadaosApartment

Bachleor status confirmed...

A location found only near the very end of the game, when a mysterious number dials itself on the phone that Makoto is holding.


Sadao's home in life... and death, apparently.

Although it is unclear if this happened before or after he had been pulled into the Mnemonic Abyss, discarded food containers and drink bottles are found on the floor.

The cell phone found in the room is also broken; no wonder he could not call his own number!


Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Electricity does not work in most locations (At least not more than a few minutes...), but plumbing & phone service work just fine in the Mnemonic Abyss?
  • He has one small bed, and all the stuff in the apartment he is living in is his: it is pretty clear that he is single, even if he does have a kid.
  • There is a hidden password under one of his kitchen cabinets, that can be entered in with the hidden keys found in the game.
  • The final "proper" Girl in Red encounter is found here. To see it, go into the bathroom (there are two doors and the bathroom is the one on the right, if memory serves) and close the door fully. Flush the toilet and then turn around. Try to open the shut bathroom door and the Girl in Red's face will suddenly flash on your screen. Face the toilet and a drip of blood should fall from the ceiling and land in the toilet, staining the water. Look up from where the toilet is and you should see the Girl in Red hanging halfway out of the air ventilation duct in the ceiling.