The One Story House is the first location in the Mnemonic Abyss that you visit. You visit this location in the Possession chapter as Shin Suzutani, in the Wandering chapter as Rin Kagura, in the Remnants chapter as Makoto Shirae and in the Return chapter as Chiyo Kishibe. This is the location in which the game's tutorial stage takes place and also the only location in which all four main characters go to during the game. This is the location in which you get your first proper encounter with the game's main antagonist, Reiko Asagiri.

The house is believed to be the house of doll maker, Jun Kondo. This is known because by examining one of the dolls in the doll room tells you that the doll's creator is called Jun Kondo. The first ghost you encounter in this game may be Jun Kondo because in the Wandering chapter you see the first ghost you encounter looking at a doll.
Location SingleStoryHouse

The doll that you use to discover the doll creator's name is in the picture.