Makoto Shirae


Other names
Makoto's ghost...
None, but speaks to Rin Kagura anyway.
...You can only communicate with a ghost by using a phone...


After coming all the way, following all the trails of clues, and taking the time to finally see him, Sadao Amano thanks his friend's hard work by killing him.


Makoto being attacked by Sadao. Mark for better contrast.


Makoto's appearance did not change much, other than that he is paler, and has a kind of depressed air about him.

Personality & HistoryEdit

As with all things completely dead within the Mnemonic Abyss, Makoto Shirae ends up becoming a ghost. Thankfully, his first order of business in The Bond is to provide Rin Kagura the means to which she can pacify Reiko's anger and loneliness once and for all: Reiko's phone number.

Rin follows him as he slowly walks down the stairs & hallway, eventually disappearing just before the 1st floor lobby of the hospital.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • If the time-line is considered, Makoto's ghost must have appeared before Rin just after he had been killed.
  • All things considered, with Sadao's own phone broken, maybe Makoto's death did work out for the best. But then again, Sadao could have just given the phone number, or let Makoto view Sadao's final document at another computer, or many other things than turning him into a ghost. Seriously, Sadao. At least help your best friend escape limbo.
  • At least his actions, even while dead, brought about a good ending for Rin & Reiko.