Makoto Shirae

Shirae makoto


Shirae Makoto is an editor at Chinami Publishing. After a close friend and colleague, Amano Sadao died suddenly under mysterious circumstances, Makoto began researching what his friend had been studying and that led him to The Black Page. There, he enters the Chat Room with Rin Kagura, Shin Suzutani, and Chiyo Kishibe, and soon after gets pulled into the Mnemonic Abyss along with them. Makoto starts out in Suzutani Shin's room, which has Armed Soldier Mako merchandise and Samsara magazines (Sadao is interested in these things too), but later transports to the school, where he encounters Shin briefly. He encounters Rin, too, but is able to strike up a conversation with her, and gives Rin his business card while explaining about the Mnemonic Abyss and transporting with cell phones before he sees the ghost of his friend Sadao and rushes off to follow him. Makoto spends most of the game looking for Sadao's notes, and Sadao himself, trying to find out anything he can about what happened to his friend (and--but this is speculation--try to free Sadao from the Abyss, since Makoto seems upset and concerned whenever he sees his friend's ghost--one of the few times he truly seems to lose his calm composure).


Makoto has short brown hair, with part of it tied into a small ponytail in the back, but he has strands of bangs on either side of his forehead. He wears light gray pants, a blue long-sleeved shirt under a dark gray pinstripe vest, and a pair of cowboy-looking brown boots. He wears a plain silver necklace. His skin is medium tone.


Makoto is a very calm, collected, and brave person, and has the most tolerance for the ghosts in the Mnemonic Abyss. He tells Rin that they shouldn't give up in the Abyss or else they'll become ghosts too. He has a very strong will to survive, resisting all the psychological issues the ghosts would normally cause most people to have. During one part of the game, he appears annoyed rather than shaken by a ghost who steals his notes and his cellphone. He knew the most about the Mnemonic Abyss because of his friend Sadao's research notes about it, and thus probably is the most informed out of Chiyo, Shin, and Rin. Like the others, though, he travels through the Mnemonic Abyss alone.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Makoto eventually finds Sadao, but things go badly from there...
  • He seems to be oddly popular with the ladies.
  • Makoto is dead