Mai Kokura


The Little Schoolgirl
16-17 (11th grader)
Spooky Cell Phone
That's not nice...

Mai Kokura of the three hostile ghosts haunting Shosei High School in The Awakening. She is the smallest of the three, and apparently the most cowardly, as she runs away if encountered alone in all but one occasion.


Mai is unusually small, even for being a high school girl; despite being only one year younger than her two friends, she looks like a little kid. Her appearance may be one of the reasons she was getting picked on by the other students.

Personality & HistoryEdit

According to the school nurse's notes, Mai's parents both work late, leaving her often alone. She was often bullied, and became friends with Kumi Ota and Mika Hosokawa more out of protection than anything else.

Despite the nurse's notes stating that Mai may not really want to be friends with the other two, she seems genuinely loyal to them, even if Mika does treat her badly.

If her school desk on the 3rd floor is any indication, they probably still treat her nicer than the other students in the school did...

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • USUALLY when encountered alone, she will run away or alert her friends rather than attack. The only time she attacks alone is when Rin Kagura visits a classroom on the 3rd floor, with a badly vandalized desk. In this attack, she is also a little more fierce than when the three schoolgirls are encountered together, causing the horror meter to go up a little faster than usual unless shaken off quickly.
  • It is unclear who the Spooky Cell Phone actually belongs to at first, because Rin's inventory listed it as Shin's. However if the Flashy phone is Kumi's, and the Red phone is Mika's, that really leaves just one phone left...
  • Another reason to suspect the Spooky Cell Phone is Mai's is because when Makoto finally gets into the broken-door classroom on the 4th floor, the phone that Mai seems to be holding appears to be the phone Rin had left behind when she transported at the end of The Awakening.

"EEK!" *Slam!*

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Mai at her desk...

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A closer view of Mai at her desk...

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"That's not nice..."