Kumi Ota


The Fat Schoolgirl
Flashy Cell Phone
...That's my phone...

One of three schoolgirls in the haunted Shosei High School, she is the first ghost to talk to Rin Kagura, and also the first to attack her.


Kumi is obviously obese, has pale skin, dressed in a wide school-girl's uniform, with her black hair done in rather small twin pigtails on the sides of her head.

Despite her appearance, she is surprisingly quick.

Personality & HistoryEdit

From the nurse's report found, it is revealed that Kumi's parents divorced, and she may have started overeating as a result of stress over this issue.

In life her primary concern seemed to be food, and was always wanting to get something to eat. Even in death, she seems to eat a lot; she blocks the stairways by sitting at the top of them, eating twinkies.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Kumi appears to be very good at playing the piano; in The Remnants she and her friends are in the music room, listening to her playing the same tune that is on her cell phone's ring-tone.
  • In the English dubbing, her living voice sounds like it has a very slight southern accent for some odd reason. This may be a coincidence however.
  • When Kumi is guarding the stairs eating, the player can't go around her. She will still attack pushing you away, disappear, and reappear eating once more.

Kumi attacks!