Ken Negishi


The Internet Cafe Ghost
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...A phone call? Who's calling...?

Ken Negishi was a young man on the internet, who was abducted & killed by Reiko when he inadvertently accessed The Black Page.


Ken appears to be a somewhat disheveled man in a flannel shirt and jeans, with a red headband tied around his forehead.

When alive he appears to be a little less pale, and his eyes not as milky, but otherwise not much different from when he was dead.

Personality & HistoryEdit

As reported in Sadao's notebook, Ken had been alone in the locked room of the Internet Cafe, that had been found dead after surfing the internet.

The newspapers reported that he had died from "Playing online games for too long", but a certain occult magazine believed he had become a victim of The Black Page, and had been cursed by accessing the site for some reason (Most likely by accident.).

He had recently contacted famed doll maker Gin Fujimura about getting a (very creepy) custom-made doll, but Ken had recently been fired from his office job ("Stop looking at porn, Ken!"), and was unable to pay the doll maker at the time, as was heard from a ghost-voice recording from the room.


"Uh, I-I'm not looking at porn! Honest! I'm on WOW!"

The next phone call he got, was apparently from Reiko

He attacks Makoto Shirae upon his visit, in The Mnemonic Abyss chapter, but not Rin Kagura when she visits. This is possibly because Makoto actually uses the computer for a brief moment.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Ken's "Dying while playing online games for too long" is apparently based off of a real-life man who died from dehydration & exhaustion from playing MMORPGs for way too long. Don't forget to eat/drink/go-to-the-bathroom every now & then, everybody!
KenNegishi CreepyDoll

"Um, p-please ignore the contents of the box, thanks!"

  • He is in a locked room, on the Inernet, he has pieces to a creepy (And most likely young & female...) doll inside of a locked box that he brought with him, and there is an open box of tissues on top of the computer. Even if he was actually playing MMOs, this does not look good.
  • Although the article in the magazine is about him, it is not exactly clear why Ken's phone number is written in bright red letters in the magazine that Rin finds in the top of the school. Did Ken's ghost somehow write it in?