Kei Shoji


The Hotel Ghost
Silver Cell Phone
...The office is restructuring next month. I'm switching departments.

The only hostile ghost in the hotel room that Makoto encounters in The Mnemonic Abyss chapter, she is encountered after Makoto investigates the bath.


A woman in her early thirties, with short black hair (Possibly wet from just getting out of the shower.) dressed in a robe.

Personality & HistoryEdit

She was an office worker on a business trip, but her phone recording implies she may have been mixing business with pleasure.

The call was apparently to someone she had a relationship with, whom she had been seeing when she could get up in the area, BUT as she was moving to another department, she would not be able to continue her trips, and thus broke up.

It was unknown when or why she had been accessing The Black Page, but she was later found dead in the hotel room, after the hotel staff could not get a hold of her.


Makoto would end up transporting into the locked hotel room, and while investigating the sound of a shower running (And a visible female someone IN the shower.), instead finds a bone-dry bathtub with one of Sadao's notebooks inside...

Upon reading the book however, the bathroom door closes on its own, and after forcing it open, Makoto is attacked by the (oddly bemused) woman.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Despite the situation & circumstances in which Makoto encounters and is attacked by Ms. Shoji, the ghost actually seems to be "amused" by this, even giggling while attacking him.
  • Given the nature of her false business trips, she is known to be flirtatious and seductive. Her amusement at Makoto's shower intrusion emphasises this - she attacks him by grabbing his head and smothering his face against her chest. If she manages to succeed in killing him, she will send the player a photo of herself in a teasing pose, showing off her cleavage.