Jun Kondo

Gameplay Encounter

Doll Collector's Ghost
Black Cell Phone
They will never betray... they will always be loyal.

An old man who obsessively collected dolls after the death of his son, he is the first hostile ghost encountered, attacking Shin in the hallway.

He also has a small army of VERY creepy dolls, that hinder Rin and Makoto when they visit the Single-story house as well.


Mr. Kondo's doll collection


An old man in rather old-fashioned Japanese style clothing. In most of his appearances, outside of when he attacks Shin in the first chapter, he is hunched over a little.

Personality & HistoryEdit

It is fairly obvious from the start that he is a very strange old man, even before he was a ghost. In death his spirit has apparently given semi-life to his doll collection, which he can use to scare people, or block passage.

Jun is also a very private person, attempting to keep players out of other locations in nearly every scene he is encountered: His dolls block doors, scare people away, and form barriers of long hair.

"Don't go in there!!"

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Although he attacks Shin twice in the first chapter of the game, he does not attack Rin or Makoto, but Jun's dolls do impede their progress (And scare them.).
  • The red-kimono doll seen in the storage room resembles the red doll from the earlier Calling gameplay demo videos, and may have originally been intended to have had a larger role in the story.
  • Some fans mistakenly think he is Gin Fujimura, the doll maker; although Mr. Kondo did get in contact with Mr. Fujimura about receiving a custom doll from him, and a phone number for Gin Fujimura leads to the Single-story house, there is no evidence that Mr. Fujimura's ghost actually appears in the game.
  • From the dialogue from the beginning of the first chapter, it is possible that Mr. Kondo had been captured by Reiko while attempting to visit The Black Page going on rumors about being able to talk to the dead, similar to how Chiyo Kishibe had been going on for the same reason.
  • Not much is known about Mr. Kondo's wife, other then that she is still alive and mourning her loss. Similarly, nothing is known about the Kondo's son, other than that he died ten years prior to the game.