Location HotelRoom

"Do Not Disturb"

A haunted hotel room that Makoto transports into, while trying to search for Sadao Amano in the Abyss.


A young business woman on a company-paid trip checked in one day, but did not check out the next...


Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • The clock in the room stopped at 4:44am. The number "4" (meaning "death" in Japanese unless an alternate word, "yon", is used) is a very unlucky number in Japan (Kind of like the number "13" here.). Could this be when Ms. Shoji was pulled into the Abyss?

  • A tricky part of this hotel room is very hard to activate. Say you thought that you collected all of Sadao's information and transported to the Internet Cafe, but then realized you had forgotten things back in the hotel room and decide to go back. Once you transport back, you retreive the cell phone sitting on the hotel bed, and suddenly the hotel room service phone will start ringing. You approach it, and the ringing suddenly stops. You cannot answer the call.
  • Whatever you do,DO NOT go back to the hotel after the batteries die in Makoto's flashlight.You won't be able to examine or pick anything up due to the darkness, therefore you will be trapped there and won't be able to progress through the game.