Hospital Phantoms

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Patient Ghosts

Appearing mostly in Makoto Shirae's chapters in the hospital, these ghosts are apparently spirits of patients from the hospital, trapped by The Black Page, and Reiko's curse.


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"Paging Dr. Dead... Dr. Dead..."

Although varied in appearance from patients to hospital staff, they do appear to be people who were actually IN the hospital, prior to being dead.

Personality & HistoryEdit

With one possible exception, the phantoms never actually talk within the game, so it is difficult to tell just who and what they are/were prior to being ghosts.

In addition to this, none of them appear to have phones or phone numbers, so they are not actually contacted by any of the players...

There is some information possibly regarding one of the ghosts: In the hospital basement, Makoto uncovers information on the series of deaths that led up to the closing of the hospital five years prior to the game. One of the names mentioned, Takao Shimura, was a patient in room 201. He was reportedly on the road to recovery from whatever put him into the hospital, but was found unconscious in the computer lab, and later died on September 22nd.

If he IS one of the ghosts seen, he is not himself identified, but he may be the ghost seen from behind in the computer lab when Makoto visits it, while going through the hospital.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • There appear to be more than five ghosts seen that could be considered hospital phantoms, but there were only about five reported deaths that caused the hospital to close, and some of them are already confirmed to be their own separate ghosts. Whether or not this implies there were more victims than reported, or if they were otherwise ghosts of the hospital somehow present BEFORE Reiko committed suicide, is left to speculation.
  • In The Return chapter Chiyo Kishibe sees vague white shadows, many of which are in groups in the hospital. When she enters into the dining area, there are several grouped shadows inside, in roughly the same positions as the phantoms briefly seen in the same area by Makoto when he first enters the same location: could these shadows ALSO be considered hospital phantoms? These shadows are harmless and won't attack the player at any time, even if you approach them.
  • In addition to this, after Makoto sees the phantoms and retrieves one of Kyoko's notebooks, a plate mysteriously tosses itself to the floor as he tries to leave...
  • The Surgeon Ghost encountered looks kind of like a phantom briefly seen by Makoto, BUT because of his generic appearance, it could simply be just another ghost in a surgeon's outfit with a surgical mask...