Hina Hidaka


The Hostile Nurse
Green Cell Phone
*Sinister laughter*

One of the hostile ghosts encountered in the hospital, and another dead nurse.


A young woman with short brown hair, dressed in a pink nurse's outfit.

Unlike Kyoko Habino, Hina has her hair parted slightly differently, and her eyes are much sharper compaired to Kyoko's.

She also has a much more meaner attitude & posture than Kyoko ever has.

Personality & HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Ms. Hidaka, other than that she was listed on a hospital phone contact list (With her number partly scratched off.), and that she has a bad attitude.

Encounters with Hina Hidaka are almost always hostile, with her locking the door the player used to enter in, and attacking the player three-to-four times, before finally letting them leave. She even attacks Chiyo Kishibe in The Return, forcing the old woman to have to run around a treatment room for safety.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • It is entirely possible that the "Nurse fed up with Reiko" that Kyoko mentioned, was Hina Hidaka. She certainly has the attitude for it.
  • Some fans mistakenly believe Hina and Kyoko were the same ghost, but in addition to their slightly differing appearances, it is Hina's phone that she attacks Makoto over, in The Connection.
  • Her phone is then used to get into the locked hospital basement area (After being wrapped in padding, of course.).