Location BeautyParlor

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One of the haunted areas within the Mnemonic Abyss, and the site for one of the more difficult ghost encounters in the game...


A young woman working late one night was found dead in the morning: the cause of death unknown, although she had been holding her cell phone at the time.

Supposedly this place is well known for its nice sharp scissors and friendly staff.

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I seeee you....


  • Midori Kato
  • And possibly the mannequin heads in the back...
  • Shadow figure behind the glass barrier players see when first going into the salon lobby. When the player approaches the glass, the shadow fades away, and is not seen again.
  • There's also a tricky part of the salon area where possibly other players hadn't spotted: Once you walk into the salon to retreive the locker keys, the lights go out (evidentally) and you encounter a short vision of Midori Kato's ghost. After that, go back into the back room to retreive the flash light and go back into the salon to encounter Sadao. Once he disappears, go around the glass barrier and look up at the vents to find black long hair hanging out of the vents. When you approach it, the hair will suddenly slither back into the vents (possibly a Lady In Red appearance, but not likely).

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • The area between where the salon-chairs are, and the door to the back room, is rather cluttered and hard to get to when you are not looking: players WILL notice this during a certain point of the game...
  • A hidden password can be found by flipping over the whiteboard in the back room: the letters are mirror-reversed however. The password can be entered in using the hidden keys found throughout the game.