Location GeeksBedroom

Welcome to the "Armed Soldier Mako" shrine...

Obviously a bedroom of someone obsessed with a certain Anime and the occult.

Makoto Shirae first wakes up here.


Not much to say here.

This is clearly Shin Suzutani's bedroom; it even has his shirt hanging in the corner.

Not much going on here.


No ghosts to speak of, but a couple of strange things DO happen...

  • The television turns on, all by itself (Nothing but static though.)
  • One of the Armed Soldier Mako dolls will fall on the floor for no reason.
  • Strange scratching noises can sometimes be heard coming from the walls (Or is it the ceiling?)
  • After retreiving information from the hotel room, Sadao sends Makoto a message to go back to Shin's bedroom. When returning, and after getting more information off of the Black Page from Shin's computer, wait a few moments standing near Shin's bed or anywhere else in the bedroom and the printer will suddenly turn on, printing out an Armed Soldier Mako poster. There's no hint into what this anime poster is for.
  • In the corner of one of the rooms there is a poster of a ghost - this poster may express Shin's love for the unnatural and the occult.

Other than that, this is one of the LEAST haunted areas in the Mnemonic Abyss... for now.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • With (SPOILER ALERT!) Shin being dead, would his ghost start haunting his old room later on? His phone is still there...
  • This is the only place within the Mnemonic Abyss that remains completely lit the entire time the player is in it.
  • A password can be found here. It's on the right side of the shelf with the action figures.