Child in Cabinet

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Falling Child
I'm Falling.

Child in cabinet is a ghost encountered by Makoto in the hotel location. Upon opening a cabinet under a television, the image of an upside down child, his mouth open in something like shock, is shown (apparently shoved into the cabinet). Interestingly enough, in the same area, if you peep through the peep hole, another child-like ghost is shown staring back at you. This child in cabinet could have been a victim of The Black Page as well as the hairdresser woman. He is also known as "Falling Child" because after Makoto opens the cabinet, the child's ghost vanishes and leaves white words in Japanese inside the cabinet that say "I'm falling"

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Some fans say that he´s Toshio from The Grudge.
  • In addition to his appearance in the hotel room, it is possible the shadow-shape of a child seen on the other side of textured glass in the Hair Salon may also be him.
  • The Toshio-like child under the table in the Kishibe's kitchen may also be him. That boy sure gets around.