Cat doll

Hell-o Kitty

The Cat Doll is an important item in the game, since it serves as Save Point. It originally belongs to Reiko Asagiri.


A stuffed black cat with big black eyes. As a Save Point looks normal (with a blue glow around it), but when you see it being hold by Reiko, it looks like as being neglected (almost ripped apart).

Miscellaneous informationEdit

  • The Cat Doll cannot be used during a encounter with a ghost or when a major cutscene is about to be triggered, as it happens near the end of the game. You can notice this because during these periods it will have its eyes closed.
  • While the original Cat Doll (Reiko's) looks in a very bad shape, it looks as good as new at the end of the game, when Rin finds it on her bed.
  • It's possible that the Cat Doll is the inspiration of Reiko's nickname on the chatbox (Kuroneko = Black Cat).