Location InternetCafe

There is an open box of tissues on the computer... eew...

Both Rin and Makoto end up transporting here, following phone numbers mysteriously left for them at other locations.


A (recently unemployed) young man rented a private room at his local internet cafe, and was later found dead on the floor, with his phone in his hand.

The official report was that he died of playing online games for too long.

...Unofficially, he had visited The Black Page.


  • Ken Negishi
  • A face that comes right out of the poster on the wall...

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • There are other single-room locations with in the Mnemonic Abyss, but this one is down right tiny in comparison.
  • In the locked box is/was a custom ordered, very creepy female doll from Gin Fujimura...
  • The online game poster on the wall (The one the ghost face comes out of.) has a password on it in red letters, that can be entered in by finding the secret keys.